While there aren't really any formal prerequisites to applying for GM-hood, there are a few things the GM team would like to see before you do so, and that we look for in all GM applicants:

  • A good understanding of Pathfinder's rules, as well as VLC's own specific rules
  • The ability to engage with and represent VLC's community
  • Experience as a GM, preferably shown by running at least one OAR

The Process

The first step to beginning the GM process is to inform your interest to any GM or Council member, after which, there are several steps one must go through:

  1. An interview with two Council members. After the members who do the interview are decided on internally, we work with the applicant to set up a time when it can be done. After the interview, whether or not the applicant may continue with the process is voted on by the Council.
  2. A sheet trial, where the applicant must go through a sheet created by the Council and find all the errors present within. The applicant is given 3 tries total to pass, and there is no time limit for each try. More detailed rules are given during the trial itself. If the applicant passes, they can proceed to the next, and final step
  3. The trial ER itself. Much like an OAR, the applicant must make a plan for this, and a Council member needs to approve said plan, and then spectate the ER itself. Unlike OARs, however, a trial ER is treated in all manners like an actual ER, when it comes to points, limitations, etc. At the end of the trial ER, the Council votes on whether or not the applicant will become a full GM

As always keep in mind that, even though they are volunteers, GMs represent VLC as a whole and have responsibilities beyond just running ERs. Please only apply for GM-hood if you believe you are fully prepared to be in that situation!