The Council Responsibilities

-Legalize new material.

-Final arbiter of decisions (Can be overturned by GMs).

-Approve of special races backstories.

-Update and maintain the wiki.

-Doling out punishment (After discussing with the GMs).

-GM Applications and Trials.

-Going over new player applicants. 

The GM Responsibilities

-Maintain Order (Prevent Harassment)

-Update the Weather and Calendar (Literally everyone can do it)

-Run some ERs

-Encourage RP

-Handle Discounts, Retraining Etc

-Character Approvals

-Try and remember that Fun is our main goal for everyone

-If you think another GM or Council member is doing something wrong, politely tell them

Council Rotation

Once every season, or roughly 3 months. A week before the start of said season, GMs may throw their hat in for Council, and we set an all-GM vote for the 5 Council positions. A gm votes for their 5 picks. In the advent, should it be necessary, 25% of GMs may come forward and request to veto a Council seat. After which we would go into discussions, and launch another full-GM vote for all the Council seats.