This is a more in-depth analysis of the Item Access system used by the Varisia Living Campaign. Gaining access to items is briefly outlined in Encounter Rewards: Item Access.

Special Materials

You cannot upgrade a regular item into one made from a special material. You must buy a brand new item made from a special material. If a special material does not automatically include masterwork quality costs, we strongly recommend purchasing it of masterwork quality (this will allow you to enchant it later, if desired/possible).

Always Accessible Gained Through Item Access Illegal

Alchemical Silver


Blood Crystal

Bone (Primitive)

Bronze (Primitive)

Cold Iron

Darkleaf Cloth


Eel Hide

Elysian Bronze

Fire-Forged Steel

Frost-Forged Steel

Gold (Primitive)


Griffon Mane


Obsidian (Primitive)


Singing Steel

Stone (Primitive)




Dragonhide Abysium



Bulette Armor



Glass (Primitive)


Heatstone Plating




Liquid Glass

Living Steel

Nexavaran Steel






Magical Weapons, Armor, and Shields

To magically enchant a non-magical weapon or armor into a magical one, it must first be of masterwork quality (+300g to base price for weapons, +150g to base price for armors and shields). Non-magical weapons and armor made from special materials that have the masterwork quality included in their price (such as Adamantine and Mithral) can be magically enchanted without issue.

Non-masterwork quality items cannot be upgraded to masterwork quality. You must purchase a brand new item of masterwork quality in order to magically enchant it.

Always Accessible Gained Through Item Access
+1 Weapon Enhancement

+2 Weapon Enhancement

+3 Weapon Enhancement

+4 Weapon Enhancement

+5 Weapon Enhancement

+1 Armor Enhancement

+2 Armor Enhancement

+3 Armor Enhancement

+4 Armor Enhancement

+5 Armor Enhancement

+1 Shield Enhancement

+2 Shield Enhancement

+3 Shield Enhancement

+4 Shield Enhancement

+5 Shield Enhancement

Each individual magical quality must be

obtained through its own unique Item

Access entry, such as Agile (Melee).

PFSLegal Melee Weapon Qualities

PFSLegal Ranged Weapon Qualities

PFSLegal Armor Qualities

PFSLegal Shield Qualities

You cannot upgrade your item(s) with

qualities that have restrictions which

you do not qualify for, such as

Catalytic (Melee) [Ratfolk only], even

if you have earned the Item Access for

the enchantment.

You can upgrade any existing magical weapon/armor/shield to its next enhancement tier simply by paying the difference in cost. The same applies for adding on magical qualities that don't have a specific tier cost, such as the Shadow (Armor) [+3750g] quality.

Tier Weapon Armor Shield
1 2,000g 1,000g 1,000g
2 8,000g 4,000g 4,000g
3 18,000g 9,000g 9,000g
4 32,000g 16,000g 16,000g
5 50,000g 25,000g 25,000g
6 72,000g 36,000g 36,000g
7 98,000g 49,000g 49,000g
8 128,000g 64,000g 64,000g
9 162,000g 81,000g 81,000g
10 200,000g 100,000g 100,000g

Magical Items

Always Accessible Gained Through Item Access
Amulet of Mighty Fists*Amulet of Mighty Fists can be enchanted as though it were

a weapon, augmenting your natural and unarmed attacks.

Bracers of Armor

*Bracers of Armor can be enchanted as though they were

armor, qualifying for whatever armor qualities you have

access to.

Ring of Protection

Handy Haversack

Amulet of Natural Armor

Cloak of Resistance

Ioun Torch

Belt of Giant Strength

Belt of Incredible Dexterity

Belt of Mighty Constitution

Belt of Physical Might

Belt of Physical Perfection

Headband of Vast Intelligence

Headband of Alluring Charisma

Headband of Inspired Wisdom

Headband of Mental Prowess

Headband of Mental Superiority

Wand of Cure Light Wounds

Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds (Level 3+ characters only)

Wand of Cure Serious Wounds (Level 5+ characters only)

*Inflict variations available instead for Dhampirs and other

characters with negative energy affinity.

Any Potions and Oils (valued at 50g or less)

*Any potions and oils that mimic the effects of a level 0 or

level 1 spell that don't require a costly material component

are always available. Several popular examples are: