Archives of Nethys Errors

These are mistakes that have been pointed out to me or that I have found with legality on the website Archives of Nethys. If you see something that is wrong that isn't on this list or you see something on this list that has been fixed there, please message one of us GMs.

Thing in Error Error Correct
Feat: Hurtful Stated as Legal It was made illegal July 29, 2015.
Item: Philter of Love Stated as Legal It was made illegal March 30, 2016.
People: Slaves Stated as Legal It was made illegal June 10, 2016.
Spell: Blood Money Stated as Legal It was made illegal December 14, 2015.
Feat: Chain Challenge Stated as Legal It was made illegal July 29, 2015.
Feat: Pile On Stated as Legal It was made illegal July 29, 2015.

Class Amendments

For the most part, allowed Archetypes include those allowed by the Pathfinder Society. In addition, the following archetypes are allowed and amended.

Allowed Archetypes (Not allowed in PFS)

Holy Gun (Paladin) UM
Musketeer (Cavalier) UC
Musketeer (Swashbuckler) ACG
Bushwhacker (Gunslinger) ARG
Virtuous Bravo (Paladin) HotHC
Inerrant Voice (Oracle) HotHC
Scarred Witch Doctor (Witch) [Half-Orc Only] ARG
Dirty Fighter (Fighter) [Half-Orc Only] ARG
Deep Marshal (Magus) AA
Silksworn (Occultist) HotHC
Spirit Binder (Wizard) FF
Ectoplasm Master (Alchemist) HHH
Sword-Devil (Ranger) PF: Worldscape #1
Elder Mythos Cultist (Cleric) HA
Steel Hound (Investigator) ACG
Steelbound Fighter (Fighter) HHH
Gunmaster (Vigilante) UI
Waylayer (Rogue) PCDTT
Panoply Savant (Occultist) PCPA
Totem Spiritualist (Spiritualist) PCPA
Teisatsu (Vigilante) SH
Spirit Summoner (Summoner) ACG
Cavern Sniper (Fighter; Drow) ARG

Modified Classes/Archetypes

Pistolero (Gunslinger) The "Up Close and Deadly" deed may be used once per round per attack you gained from a high Base Attack Bonus. This means a Pistolero with a BAB of +1-+5 may use it once per round, one with a BAB of +6-+10 may use it twice per round, etc.
Alchemist As per usual, Brew potion is replaced by Extra Bombs, unless the chosen archetype has no Bomb class feature. Many archetypes have been granted another thing rather than the amendment I made. See below if you cannot find it for your class here.

If that is the case, the Alchemist receives a Extra Discovery feat at level 2. This only applies if you have no Bombs class feature.

Bladebound Magus The player is given a choice upon reaching level 3. They may roll 2d100 and select the one of the things from those rolls, rerolling one if it is the same for both rolls, or they may choose a GM to work with in creating a personality, which is then approved by the other GMs. If a roll does not suit the personality of the alignment, then it is also rerolled. Once this choice is made, it cannot be changed. Not even with Downtime. Bonus Language is still up to GMs. Though it should make sense with what you have dealt with.
Advanced Weapon Training: Warrior's Spirit This is one, legal, and two has an additional thing added for balance. It counts only your base Weapon Training, and not increases to it from items or abilities (Except Weapon Training itself) that grant bonuses to your Weapon Training (Ex. Gloves of Dueling). For clarity, it is a standard action to activate.
Advanced Armor Training: Armor Specialization This is legal.
Vigilante: Celebrity Discount This is not legal, we already have Downtime for Discounts, and this begins to muddle with the system.
Oracle Curse: Promethean  This curse doesn't add anything wholly good or bad. It's benefits don't do much good, but it's negative has no effect other than RP. So it's balanced out. Just uh... might lose an ear or two.
Fey Caller Summoner

Fey Eidolon

I, Courtney, recently asked a Developer about this, and while not official Pathfinder, it does open up choices. quick check with the GMs confirmed it was okay. But Fey Eidolons can select the following Evolutions: Bite, Claws, Sting, Tail, Tail Slap, Gore, and Swallow Whole.
Hunter Animal Companion: Skirmisher Tricks Teaching a Skirmisher trick can be done with one week of training (5 Downtime Days in VLC) and a DC 25 Handle Animal Check. They can be used a number of times equal to 1/2 HD of Animal Companion + Wisdom Mod. You cannot Push an Animal Companion to do a Skirmisher Trick it does not know. See Downtime and Creatures for more information on training tricks.
Witch Patrons Witch Patrons have been ruled that the Patron Spells are received at the highest level you can cast when you get them. This means that if you receive a spell that is normally a second level spell at the time you can cast 1st level spells. It is a first level spell for you for all purposes including DC and necessary caster level. (Unnatural Lust as a 1st level for Enchantment Patron for example)
Dragon Bloodlines and Spells For the purposes of Variant Draconic Bloodlines, please refer to the following: In cases where a dragon’s energy type is listed as physical damage (such as bludgeoning or piercing), use that damage type when determining your breath weapon damage. For the purpose of the dragon resistance bloodline power, you gain DR that is bypassed by the two damage types other than the damage type that your breath weapon deals. For example, if your breath weapon deals bludgeoning damage, you gain DR/ piercing and slashing. The amount of DR you gain is equal to half the energy resistance you would normally gain against all attacks of that specific damage type. A character with the power of wyrms bloodline power gains immunity to her bloodline’s damage type. For Sorcerer's Bloodline Spells and Bloodrager's Dragon Form, replace 'Form of the Dragon X' with the appropriate Form Spell (Form of the Exotic Dragon X or Form of the Alien Dragon X, Form of the Alien Dragon III remains illegal at this time and as such remains Form of the Dragon III for Bloodline Spells). For Feats, Archetypes, and Prestige Classes, treat the type as listed in the table and apply the ruling above as necessary. If you have any questions about how something is changed, please PM a GM for help.
Sword-Devil (Ranger): Slashing Fury Replace with this wording: Beginning at 3rd level, the sword-devil can use her Charisma score in place of her Intelligence score as a prerequisite for combat feats. Additionally, she selects one type of light or one- handed slashing melee weapon. She gains Weapon Focus and can use Dexterity instead of Strength for attack rolls with this weapon. At 8th level and every 5 levels thereafter (13th and 18th). the sword-devil may select an additional type of light or one-handed slashing weapon she may use with this ability. This ability counts as having the Weapon Focus feat for the purpose of meeting feat prerequisites.
Steelbound Fighter (Fighter) Steelbound Fighter is subject to GM approval at level 5 with regards to the purpose of the intelligent weapon and it's SLA. The player must be made aware of this clause at character creation/archetype acquisition and must notify a GM when their character reaches the required level
Fractured Mind (Spiritualist): Emotional Focus Benefits Treat the following emotional foci as their respective analogue:

Desperation -> Despair

Remorse -> Fear

Kindness -> Dedication

Greed -> Jealousy

Lust -> Zeal

Fighter Advanced Weapon Training: Item Mastery This is Legal
Dragon Disciple The race restriction on this class has been removed.
Wildblooded Archetypes and Ifrit's Fire Affinity Wildblooded archetypes count as their base bloodline for the purposes of effects such as the Ifrit's 'Fire Affinity' racial trait, as well as any effects or prerequisites that require the base bloodline.
Spirit Summoner A GM must approve the eidolon's form and abilities- making sure they are appropriate to the chosen spirit.
Summoner Archetypes All archetypes that currently grant evolution points/evolutions from the Eidolon class feature gain them from the Unchained Eidolon and not the Chained version. This applies to all future archetypes as well.

The 'Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Psychic Magic' evolutions are treated as if though it did not require the Aberrant subtype for the purposes of the Manifest Dreams class feature for the Figment archetype. It also treats the spells gained from them as keying off of Intelligence over Charisma, including the requirements.

Alternate Classes And Favored Class bonuses Allow Alternate classes to take the Favored Class Bonuses of their parent class
Elemental Annihilator Kineticist and Range Infusions The extended range and extreme range infusions can be used with the devastating infusion of the Elemental Annihilator Kineticist Archetype

More will be amended in upon inspection to make sure they are not disruptive to play, and other archetypes may have additional limitations attached if they prove to be an issue.

Clarity Amendments

These changes do not affect the ability/feat/skill/etc in any other way but add clarity to the original wording.

Clarified Item Benefit Reason
Fast Learner When you gain a level in a favored class, you gain both +1 hit point and +1 skill rank, instead of choosing either benefit. You may still choose an alternate favored class bonus, but you do not gain either hit point or skill point if you do.
Racial Weapon Masters' Feats All Feats must be the race listed in the name. A Slipslinger is a Halfling. Half-Elves/Orcs count for both their parents' subtypes including Elf/Orc.
Butterfly's Sting The feat lists allies, but it does not make sense, and is extremely broken, for this to include you, and the FAQ says "unless otherwise stated or if doing so would make no sense or be impossible."
Sash of the War Champion You must have the requisite class abilities in order to gain full benefit of the Sash. It does not grant them to you.
Molthuni Defender: Armored Defense "When he is wearing medium or heavy armor, the Molthuni defender adds half his armor training Armored Defense bonus on combat maneuver checks for the selected maneuver. He can choose an additional combat maneuver at 7th, 11th, and 15th levels." Silly Paizo, that would not work, they don't get Armor Training!
Eldritch Herritage When choosing a bloodline, you must choose a legal bloodline that a non-archetyped Sorcerer could take. Mutated Bloodlines are Class Abilities of the Wildblooded Sorcerer, and not bloodlines. 
Mithral Shirt Change the weight to 12.5 lbs. In all other aspects this item mimics a Mithral Chain Shirt, and this appears to be an error.
Unchained Rogue: Finesse Training When using TWFing for an Unchained Rogue, you do only 1/2 Dex to dmg with your Offhand. Double Slice works to make this normal again (Making it 1x Dex on Offhand). Just clarity stuff.
Chained Rogue Talent: Offensive Defensive This bonus does not stack as same sources do not stack. The AC applies against all enemies for it's duration. You still have to hit the target and successfully Sneak Attack. If following the suggested FAQ, it is absolutely worthless. If following munchkin's on threads, it is not even a second thought to take it.
Two-Handed Weapons in One Hand There are two FAQ's (1 and 2). Follow the July 2013 FAQ (2) for weapons wielded in one hand that are normally two-handed. You can still wield these weapons, unless otherwise stated, with two hands to gain the benefits of Two-handing (Such as 1.5x Str, 1.5x PA, and etc). The two FAQs contradicted each other and needed clarification on which to follow. As the July 2013 one came later and covers more, it is the one we follow.
Polymorph and Wildshape and similar effects Does someone polymorphed/wildshaped into an Octopus or other aquatic animal lose the ability to breathe on land?Yes. And the player must make sure to remind the GM at the start of the ER or when they decide to use it if on land. The new form no longer supports the ability to breathe on land and thus it is lost.
Animal Magic Item Slots Use the chart from Animal Archive (on here), instead of the normal PFS rules for it. Similarly, the Extra Item Slot feat works as written, instead of using the PFS variant Requiring feats for Animal Companions to use Magic Items was felt to be too restrictive
Hellknight Prestige Class Disciplines For the purposes of the Hellknight Prestige Class 'Disciplines' ability, disciplines marked as 'Ex' are treated as constant abilities. Disciplines marked as 'Su' and 'Sp' conform to the denoted Discipline uses per day. This was to solve the confusion created between the base Discipline uses per day, and the actual Disciplines themselves, which often didn't match up.
Flagbear Feat Animal Companions can gain the moral bonuses given by flags Animal companions still benefit from the flag despite the shady territory of proper Alliance.
Medium Spells Known All spells known for 5th and 6th level Medium spells removed for clarity. They have 5th and 6th level spells....but no way to cast them. PAIZO WHY YOU DO STUPIDS
Tower Shields and Special Materials Tower Shields may be made out of both metal or wood and as such may be made of anything that calls out having to be made of mainly one or the other This was never really stated but their are instance of Mithral and Adamantine tower shields despite them being "wooden" in the book.

Deity Amendments

These are changes the Council made to allow more deities as legal worship options. The changes are listed by pantheon, not individual deities. WARNING: Remember that worshiping evil gods is done at your own risk, and your character may be forcibly retired if they are found out

Deities Change Reason
Whore Queens With the exception of Mahathallah, all the deities in this pantheon are legal for play Add more variety to worshiped deities
Outer Gods This pantheon is legal for play Add more variety to worshiped deities
The Green Faith This is now worshiper-able by anyone but only Druids may obtain class benefits from them. Give druids access to a faith.

Item Amendments

These are amendments to items to better balance them out for Varisia Living Campaign or to align them to sources that were released afterwards.

Item Change Reasons
Clothing and Outfits In VLC the weight of your clothing that is being worn is not calculated into your total weight. This is only for a single worn outfit We do not want people breaking the No Nudity Rule to skim on weight. This way you get your clothing and don't suffer for it.
Horsemaster's Saddle Slot changed to Belt (saddle). This was released before animals were given magical slots. Thus it was required to be slotless to be used. Now that they have slots, it needs the change.
Pets and Animals Not purchasable and cannot have unless you have a class feature that gives you access To keep parties that are already very large from being larger, you cannot have an animal or pet unless you have a feature that gives you an one.
Brastlewark Brew Made Legal. It is great!
Liberating Weapon Enchantment Made Legal. I don't know why this was illegal. It's a standard action + CMB vs 15+SL (Or HD). It's not very great for action economy.
Cailean Fighting Tankard Made Legal. Named weapons are already weaker as they can't be upgraded, but it's a fun weapon.
Circlet of Persuasion Change the sentence to read "This delicately engraved silver headband grants its wearer a +3 competence bonus on Charisma-based Ability and Skill checks." The reason for this change is that this technically applied to ALL charisma-based checks. Some examples of this are concentration checks for Charisma casters, some reflex saves (Depending on certain feats and class abilities), random class abilities, some attacks, and many more.
Corset of Dire Witchcraft Change the second sentence to "If the wearer is a witch, each day when she communes with her familiar to prepare spells, she may enhance one hex she knows, increasing her effective level with that hex by +2 for 24 hours." As it was before, a Caster Level does nothing to most Hexes. This brings it up to par with how it is priced and likely intended to be.
Candle of Invocation Can no longer be used to cast Gate. 34 HD of outsiders for 8.4k was a bit overpowered in our minds, however the other buffs it gives are still acceptable.
Upgrading Items All items with a greater (Or similar wording; improved, etc) version may be upgraded by paying the difference between the two versions. Consumable Magic Items with greater versions may also be upgraded so long as all the pieces of the item is present and unused. Items that can never be upgraded are Potions, Scrolls, Staves, Tomes, and Wands. This is to create more solid ruling on the matter rather than the inconsistent two rulings we had before. Feel free to ask if you are unsure if the item can be upgraded.
Fitting and Resizing Enhancements The Fitting and Resizing Armor and Weapon Enhancements can only be applied to gear of your size (Or the size of your companion, but such gear only works for them). Armor or weapons bought for an animal companion or similar before they gain a permanent size increase may also be fitted with Fitting Armor Enhancement or Resizing Weapon Enhancement. There was a loophole before which allowed people to buy a set of tiny armor and put resizing on it and saving thousands. While this goes against our "No Munchkin" rule, we felt the need to close it.
Durable Ammunition Crossbow Bolts, Shuriken, Sling Bullets, and Blowgun Darts can now be made Durable, following the same rules and pricing as Durable Arrows do. Note this only applies to the base ammo types, not any special versions of the aforementioned types To make handling ammunition for non-bow ranged builds be more convenient
Noqual Special Material This has been made Legal for purchase by players. Its really not that broken of a metal. Its expensive and Mithral is better. However with in wake of the events of Second Darkness its now more available from an In Character perspective.
Slot-less Paired Items You may purchase a slotless version of magic items that require two wearers to function, such as the True Love Locket, the Communique Ring or the Ring of Friend Shield. This doubles the price of the items. However, you may split the price 50-50 with another willing character. If split, discounts on these are for the split price instead of the total price. The purchase of these items are subject to GM approval, to ensure both character's purchases are properly logged. This was done in order to allow players more freedom when forming relationships and wishing to buy items in regards to that. This way, they do not take up a slot if both parties buy the item and pair it together.
Alternate Classes and Magic Items For the purpose of benefitting from magic items based on class, such as the Vambraces of the Tactician item, alternate classes such as the Samurai and the Ninja count as archetypes of their original classes- Cavalier and Rogue, respectively. Paizo seems to hate their own Alternate classes. We don't. We figured this would be a good idea to give them access to some of these items
Sabretooth Sword If you have Exotic Weapon Proficiency with a Sawtooth Sabre, you treat is as having the Finesse weapon property, and it counts as a light weapon for the purposes of Two-Weapon Fighting. Otherwise, it is a martial weapon which functions identically to a longsword Now its a a bit more of a viable option for two-weapon fighting builds and Dex builds in general.
Caphorite Special material This has been made legal for players to purchase Its not overpowered or under-powered. Its just, edgy.
Lazurite special material This has been made legal for players to purchase. However it requires Item Access A nice armor for negatively attuned people
Catskin Leather This is made legal with the following Addition:

When the wearer’s hit points would be reduced to a negative amount equal to or greater than her Constitution score, or the point at which the wearer would die (whichever comes sooner) from an attack, ability, or spell that deals hit point damage, they can choose to instead have the armor fall to pieces and be destroyed, and the wearer takes only half damage from the effect.

Race Amendments

These amendments are to open up options that were banned in PFS due to either mixture of races (that were not legal there) or for better alignment and enjoyment.

Race Change Reason
Legal Races See Below Add more diversity.
Half Elf The alternate traits Drow Blooded and Drow Magic are legal. This was primarily banned due to Drow not being a legal race to play. Drow are legal here, so ban is lifted.
Multiple Dimdweller and Blended View is legal. Behind the Veil is available to Halflings.

Edit 5/1/17: Dimdweller is no longer legal for Humans. If you already had it before this date, you do not need to replace it.

Another one of those things that fall into the line of was banned due to connection to illegal race in PFS. Legal here, so traits are legalized.
Android Empathy and Nanite Disruption Feats legalized

Cellular Match, Blood Algorithm and Nanite Revival Traits legalized

Were illegal because race was not legal
Aasimar and Tiefling
Starting Age Middle Age Old Venerable Maximum
20 years 150 years 200 years 250 years 250 + 6d%(100) years
This was done by a community poll, as there was complaints on the Errata that had been added.
Starting Age Middle Age Old Venerable Maximum
20 Years 175 Years 263 Years 350 Years 350 + 4d%(100) years
This honestly should have been discussed when we did the Aasimar and Tiefling changes. Now Dhampir live longer lives, similar to their undead forefathers.
Kobolds of Golarion Legalized book down below. It was only not legal in PFS because Kobolds are not legal in PFS.
Duergar See Duergar section below. Added Duergar to be a legal Race. With the following Rules. They require Council approval
Gnolls See Gnoll section below Added Gnolls ot be a legal Race. See below for legality. They require Council Approval.
Wyvaran See Wyvaran section below Added Wyvarans as a legal race, requiring Council approval. See below for legality details
Shabti Made Legal as a Council Approved race, with the following provision for the Shattered Soul racial trait:

Unless on that ER, Shabti use minimum caster level when a Raise Dead or similar spell is cast on them. They may increase the price by 50 gold to increase the Caster level by one level. They can do this up to a maximum of CL 20.

Add more diversity, include provision for out of ER rezzes in regards to the Shattered Soul racial trait
Syrinx Made Legal as a Council Approved race, as well as their Alternate Racial Trait, 'Oppressive', and their Race Trait, 'Winged Aloofness' Add more diversity

Spell Amendments

These are amendments to spells to better balance them out for Varisia Living Campaign or to align them to sources that were released afterwards.

Spell Change Reason
Masterwork Transformation Due to constant complaints on the legality of this spell, it is just fully banned. This was done because of our ban on trading. Otherwise the caster is giving other characters a bonus of not having to pay for the weapon, and may even begin to charge for the service. All of that would be a large no.
Writing a Spell into a Spellbook Wizards and other Spellbook classes can learn spells of any level from a wizard for 1.5x the cost. Witches can use this cost for learning spells from another Familiar. With time has come more high level casters and as such the previous rule for 8th and 9th level spell costs no longer makes sense in our setting.
Simulacrum Made illegal At level 17, you can have a pet god. We figured that's not okay. It is banned.
Clone The Clone spell's 2d4 months of time needed for the clone to be ready is replaced with 20 days of downtime spent on it requiring GM approval. The spell also may only be used on oneself and unless your body is retrieved (And thus your items), you lose everything you had.

Feat Amendments

These are amendments to feats to better balance them out for Varisia Living Campaign or to align them to sources that were released afterwards.

Feat Change Reason
Potion Glutton Made legal again* *Change the text of the potion glutton feat to the following, "Benefit: You can drink potions, elixirs, or other potables (but not extracts) as a move action without provoking an attack of opportunity. Normal: Drinking potions is a standard action that provokes an attack of opportunity."
Twilight Talon Improvisation Made Legal. Why not encourage Improvised Weapon? Plus, it really isn't that powerful.
Vast Spell Made Legal Us GMs found this a weird ban.
Overwatch Feat Line Made Legal This is a feat line that is meant more along the lines to help benefit the support aspect of archery.
Burrowing Shot Made Legal It's a ranged debuffing ability that really isn't powerful for the level you get it.
Weapon Tricks Opened up Options Hindering Shot, Quick Brace, and Suppressing Fire all made legal to allow more options in combat as PFS seems to hate martials.
Two-Weapon Grace Made Legal PFS must really hate TWFing to ban this. It really is a meh option, but at least it's some TWFing love.
Bladed Brush Made Legal This is a non-optimal choice for most classes that can take it. It can't critfish for Swash and Magus, thus it adds more interesting builds. It also is nothing new for Unchained Rogue, as it costs one more feat than using an Elven Branched Spear.
Prestigious Spellcaster Made Legal Pathfinder Society seems to hate PRCs. We don't. We love seeing more diversity.
Additional Traits Balance If trained out then taken again at any time, you must select the the same traits as the ones the feat had granted you before.
Smash From The Air Made Legal Its not really that overpowered, nor is it really that unrealistic. Now you can meme slash cannonballs.
Stag Horns

Stag Submission

Made Legal It was felt that this really wasn't overpowered and allowed several interesting builds to come about.
Dirty Trick Master Made Legal Dirty Tricks is already so rarely chosen for character concepts, perhaps it is because most of the good options were locked away by PFS? But we'd like to see more variety of combat maneuvers.
Ascetic Style Made Legal* *Change the wording to: "Choose one weapon from the monk fighter weapon group. While using this style and wielding the chosen weapon, you can apply the effects of feats that have Unarmed Combatant as a prerequisite as if attacks with the weapon were unarmed attacks."
Ascetic Form Made Legal* *Change wording to: "Benefit(s): You can use the chosen melee weapon with any class ability that can be used with an unarmed strike, such as an unchained monk’s style strike ability with the exception of the monk's improved unarmed damage. In addition, you are treated as a monk with a level equal to your character level for the purpose of determining the number of times per day that you can use feats with uses per day that depend upon your monk level, such as the Stunning Fist or Perfect Strike feats."
Dreamed Secrets Made Legal In conjunction with the legalization of Outer Gods as a worshippable pantheon
Barroom Brawler Minor Change *If you activate Barroom Brawler while its effects are still active, the new feat chosen replaces the previous one
Monster Feats Legal for Animal Companions, Eidolons, familiars, and similar Mostly to provide more variety in what feats ACs can take, and to give more exotic companions more options
Feral Combat Training Made it accessible to more classes *Change wording of the 'Special' section to: "Special: If you have the Flurry of Blows class feature or the Brawler's Flurry class feature, you may use your selected natural weapon as a monk or close weapon for your flurry. This does not allow you to add on extra attacks."
Emotional Conduit Added bonuses for missing foci Treat the following emotional foci as their respective analogue:

Desperation -> Despair

Remorse -> Fear

Kindness -> Dedication

Greed -> Jealousy

Lust -> Zeal

Flagbearer The flag must be held in a hand. Clarify the wording on the 'Flagbearer' feat from "You must hold the flag in one hand in order to grant this bonus." to "You must hold the flag in one hand in order to grant this bonus; You are also able to attach said flag to pole/spear based weaponry and equipment, and wield said weapons/equipment in one or more hands."
Wasp Familiar Made Legal Its a Religion locked feat and requires you to keep a code and Alignment. Not that unbalanced
Flame Blade Dervish Made Legal This feat isn't really that good, its mostly for flavour. If someone wishes to take it. That is their choice, and its a pretty fun feat for that purpose.
Kobold Style Made Legal Kobold Style, Kobold Groundling, Kobold Flood

With the caveat that all three feats require Deft Maneuvers in place of Combat Expertise. Kobold Flood will require Unarmed Combatant in addition to its other prerequisites.

Mobile Stronghold Made Legal
Cloak and Dagger Subterfuge Made Legal
Cloak and Dagger Tactics Made Legal
Dwarven Fury Made Legal
Dwarven Seething Made Legal

Trait Amendments

Trait Change Reasoning
All traits referring to Hermea or other planets Made illegal Two reasons on this one, Hermea is left vague and a lot of it isn't expanded on and will never be. The main bit of lore now makes it seem like survival is minimal, and until Paizo decides to finish telling the story, VLC will leave this be.

The other planets are because we are Fantasy, no Space explorers.

Strength of the Sun Changed Wording Changed the wording to "...gain a +1 trait bonus on Charisma-based Ability and Skill checks" in order to keep up with the Circlet of Persuasion amendment.
Destined for Greatness Made Illegal This trait increases starting wealth by 300 gold, which we've been trying to avoid things like this (Like Rich Parents, for example).

Fusing Items

Here in VLC we allow Magic Item Fusing of Wondrous Items and Rings, but not weapons, armor, staves, wands, potions, or any other magic item. The cost to do this is simple, but starts getting a bit more complicated, but before we get into pricing, we will talk about the rules. You can fuse a maximum of three items into one slot. These items MUST be from the same slot, you cannot fuse items from other slots into a different slot. E.x. You can fuse Muleback Cords, Cloak of Resistance, and Cloak of Elvenkind. But you COULDN'T fuse an Amulet of Natural Armor, Ring of Protection, and Boots of Striding and Springing.

Pricing is where it starts getting a little difficult. For further reading, Base Price means the value the item costs without being modified by Discounts and or Desperate Item buy increases. This is the formula: ((Item One Price + Item Two Price + 50% of the Base Price of the Cheaper) + Item 3 Price + 50% of the Base Price of the cheaper of the first merge or Item 3). To help we'll use the above example of a Muleback Cords (1,000 Gold), Cloak of Resistance +1 (1,000 Gold), and Cloak of Elvenkind (2,500 Gold), and say you bought them in that order. ((1,000 + 1,000 + 500) + 2,500 + 1250) = 6,250 Gold. Which is 1,750 more than normally buying all three. If you then upgrade the Cloak of Resistance to a +2, you would plug the new costs into the formula and subtract the items you already had from the end cost or ((1,000 + (4,000 - 1,000) [4,000 +2 Cloak of Resistance, 1,000 +1 Cloak of Resistance] + 500) + 2,500 +1,250) - 3,500 [1,000 Muleback Cords, 2,500 Cloak of Elvenkind] = 4,750 gold for the upgrade. Things in brackets are explaining where certain values came from.

Edit 11/09/2017: De-Merging Items is now an option, you get no money back from unmerging and must pay the cost to merge again if you choose to do so. This is kept track of in the Transaction Log as shown in this example

Edit 12/21/2017: This had been previously spoken, but was not listed down anywhere: you cannot fuse the same items together, with the exception of subtypes of items that apply to different effects (eg. multiple Gauntlets of Skilled Maneuvers, each for a different maneuver)

When Fusing Items, always list the way things are fused as this does affect pricing. If it is not listed, we will assume it the most expensive way.

Recharging a Stave/Staff

Recharging a Stave was a weird thing in VLC, until now. First, purchasing a stave needs to be approved and the creation of a new log is needed. The Stave/Staff Log is meant to keep track of recharging. To recharge a Stave you can do one of two methods. If you have the highest level spell in the stave on your spell list and can cast it, you may, during an ER, prepare your spells with one fewer at the highest level in the stave to recharge one charge. This needs to be recorded in your Stave Log with the ERRT to show. You MUST inform your GM that you are doing this. GMs will record this into the GM Notes section of the ERRT.

In addition to the above method, there is a way to recharge staves outside of ERs. To do so, you must spend 1 Downtime Day per charge. If you can cast the highest level spell on that stave, you only spend the one downtime day. If you cannot cast the spell needed, you must then also pay (Minimum Caster Level x Spell Level x 10) for the highest level spell in the stave. This MUST be recorded in your Stave Log and (Re)Training Log.

For example, an Ember Staff has Fireball as it's highest level spell. It would cost, if you are using the wizard spell list (You default to Wizard/Cleric if the spells are not on your list, otherwise use your classes spell level and caster level) 5 (Min CL) x 3 (SL) x 10 = 150 gold per charge.

Gray-Zone Amendments

Mounts and Animals

  • In order to climb, a creature needs to have the appropriate appendages. This means for scaling walls, they need hands or a climb speed. Animals without hands or a climb speed can only climb slopes.
  • Passengers on a mount besides the owner act upon their turn in the move order. They do not get to act upon the same turn as the mount or owner, but they may ready actions to go off during the mount or owner's turn.
  • Animals that can use UMD have to be able to Speak and Grasp/Carry the wand. Creatures that can do this are Avian, Bipedal (Claws/Paws), and Bipedal (Hands). There may be exceptions to these based on the Creature.

Errata-Related Changes

These changes must be approved by a GM if you do them.

If a feat or trait changes or is removed: You have two options. First, you may either switch the old feat for an updated feat of the same name in another legal source (if available), ignoring any prerequisites of the new feat you do not meet. Alternatively, you may replace the feat (and any of the old feat’s prerequisite feats) entirely with another feat for which you meet all the prerequisites. If any of the feat’s changed directly reference one or more pieces of equipment you own (such as the weapon selected with the Weapon Focus feat), you may sell back that equipment at full market value.

If an ability-score-dependent feature of a class, prestige class, or archetype is altered: You may rebuild your character to its current XP. Keep the same equipment, but you can resell any equipment that augments the changed ability score at its full market price.

If a class, prestige class, or archetype changes in such a way that you no longer have proficiency with a given weapon or armor type: You may sell back the affected equipment and only the affected equipment at full market value. You may also retrain any feats directly associated with the affected equipment.

If the price of an item changes to become more expensive: Sell back the affected equipment at its original full market value based on its remaining number of charges (if any). So long as you have enough gp, you can purchase the same item at its updated cost.

If the level of a spell changes: You retrain the changed spell, replacing it with another spell of its original spell level. You may also retrain one spell of the changed spell’s new level, but only in order to learn the new spell. Sell back any potions, scrolls, or wands that use that spell at their current full market value based on the spell’s old level and the remaining number of charges.

If a favored class bonus changes: You may reassign all of your favored class bonus at each level to any of the now legal options.

Kobolds of Golarion

Racial Traits: all Alternate Racial Traits on page 7 are legal for play; Traits: all Traits in this book are for play except Gravelwalker, Icy Mementos, Lair Snake, Lightning Blessed, and Ooze Defense; Subdomains: Trap subdomain is legal for play. Ambush Subdomain is legal only for Kobold PCs; Favored Class: all Favored Class options are legal from this book; Traps: all ranger traps on page 20 and 21 are legal for play but Blightburn Trap, Lazurite Trap, Rust Monster Trap, and Spell-stealing Trap; Archetypes: all archetypes are legal for Kobold PCs; Feats: all feats are legal for play for Kobold PCs; Magic Items: all magic items on page 30 and 31 are legal to play except for Irradiating Tail, Paralyzing Snare, Scarecrow Lure, Trapped Beverage, Trapped Puzzle Box, and Trapped Sword; Spells: all spells from this book are legal for Kobold PCs except for Blightburn Weapon and Unseen Engineers; Equipment: none of these items are legal for play unless made legal by another source.

Duergar Info

Darklands Revisited

Favored Class Bonuses: All favored class bonuses for Duergar are legal from this book.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Advanced Race Guide

Duergar section: Archetypes: Gray Disciple is legal for play for Duergar PCs. Alternate Racial Traits: All Alternate Racial Traits are legal. Favored Class Bonuses: All Favored Class Options are legal for play besides Cleric's Favored Class Bonus. Feats: All feats are legal for play for Duergar PCs.

Chapter 3 is legal for play, except Svirfneblin though approval is required before creation as listed on the Character Creation Page.

Monster Codex

Duergar section: Alternate Racial Traits: Twilight-Touched is legal. Feats: All feats are legal for Duergar PCs. Equipment: Bolas Bolts and Slaver's Crossbows are legal for play for Duergar PCs. Spells: Control Vermin is legal for play for Duergar PCs. Magic Items: Headband of Vermin Control is legal for play.

Inner Sea Races

Duergar section: Traits: Vermin Driver is legal for play. Alternate Racial Traits: Magical Taskmaster is legal for play.

Note: Only changed material from books is listed here.

Gnoll Info:

NOTE: The Gnoll page in d20pfsrd states that they get a +2 bonus to Natural Armor, but this is incorrect, as the racial trait that gives them Natural Armor only grants them a +1 bonus (from the Advanced Race Guide)

Monster Codex

(Only material from pages 92-93)

Archetypes: Pack Rager is Legal for play for Gnoll PCs. Magic Items: Henya’s Shawl, Hunter’s Nose Ring, and Pugwampi Braid are legal for purchase by Gnoll PCs. Feats: Coordinated Reposition, Disarm Partner, Improved Disarm Partner, Snapping Flank, Snapping Jaw are all legal for play for Gnoll PCs. Equipment: Flindbar is legal for play for all PCs.

Note: Only changed material from books is listed here.

Wyvaran Info:

Inner Sea Races

Alternate Racial Traits: Evasive Maneuvers is legal for play. Traits: Fierce Flanker is legal for play for Wyvaran PCs.

Legacy of Dragons

Alternate Racial Traits: All Wyvaran Alternate Racial Traits from this book are legal for play. Favored Class Options: All Wyvaran Favored Class options in this book are legal for play for Wyvaran PCs. Feats: Brood Defender, Draconic Law, Relic Familiarity and Wyvaran Spellcasting are legal for play for Wyvaran PCs.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Advanced Race Guide

In Chapter 2, nothing from the catfolk, drow, goblins, hobgoblins, kobolds, orcs, and ratfolk entries are currently legal for play.

Aasimar: Aasimar minimum age remains unchanged at 20 years old; however, the brackets afterwards are the Pre-Errata ages. For those who do not know them:

Middle Age Old Venerable Maximum Age
150 Years 200 Years 250 Years 250 + 6d%(100)

Catfolk: All Catfolk rules are legal for play.

Drow: Speak to council either in a PM or if one is online.

Duergar: Archetypes: Gray Disciple is legal for play for Duergar PCs. Alternate Racial Traits: All Alternate Racial Traits are legal. Favored Class Bonuses: All Favored Class Options are legal for play besides Cleric's Favored Class Bonus. Feats: All feats are legal for play for Duergar PCs.

Elves: The Darkvision Trait is legal as we have also legalized Drow. Taking this trait requires the same permissions of Drow, and you must get your backstory approved by the Council.

Kobolds: All are legal traits. Furthermore, Trapmaker's Sack is not legal.

Orcs: Favored Class Bonuses: The Orc Favored Class Options are legal for play

Ratfolk: All Ratfolk rules are legal for play, except for the Alchemical Tinkering spell.

Tiefling: Similar changes to Aasimar age are reflected to the Tiefling.

Nothing in Chapter 3 is legal for play, except Svirfneblin though approval is required before creation.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Combat

Cavalier: The musketeer archetype is not permitted in Organized Play.

Paladin: The knight of the sepulcher and holy gun archetypes are not legal for Organized Play.

Core Rulebook

Initiative Consequences of Readying; Pg 203: Your initiative result becomes the count on which you took the readied action. If you come to your next action and have not yet performed your readied action, you don’t get to take the readied action (though you can ready the same action again). If you take your readied action in the next round, before your regular turn comes up, your initiative count rises to that new point in the order of battle, and you do not get your regular action that round.

And since the rest is not showing up on the Legal Books page:

Basic Restrictions and Core Rulebook

The stuff being listed here is from the Pathfinder Society Guide to organized Play, and is applicable within Varisia.

Alchemist: Alchemists receive the Extra Bombs feat at 1st level instead of Brew Potion.

Antipaladin: This alternate class is not available to Pathfinder Society characters.

Arcanist: The Item Crafting bonus feat is not legal for play

Cavalier: Instead of the Expert Trainer class feature, cavaliers receive Skill Focus (Handle Animal) as a bonus feat.

Cleric: Clerics with the Nobility domain get the Persuasive feat at 8th level instead of the Leadership feat. Clerics with the Rune domain receive Spell Focus at 1st level instead of Scribe Scroll.

Druid: Druids with the Nobility domain get the Persuasive feat at 8th level instead of the Leadership feat.

Oracle: Oracles with the Nature spirit receive animal growth as a bonus spell at 10th level instead of awaken.

Shaman: Shamans with the Nature mystery receive animal growth as a bonus spell at 10th level instead of awaken. Fetish hex replaces Craft Wondrous Item with Spell Focus.

Skald: Skalds receive Extra Performance at 1st level instead of Scribe Scroll.

Summoner: Summoners from the Advanced Players Guide are not used. Summoners from the Pathfinder RPG Unchained are the version of the Summoner that is utilized.

Witch: Witches may not select the cauldron hex.

Wizard: Wizards receive Spell Focus at 1st level instead of Scribe Scroll. Only items listed as Always Available may be selected as the free bonded object granted to a wizard at 1st level.

If you wish to apply a legal archetype to your character, you may do so at 1st level as normal. Additionally, you may apply an archetype to an existing class any time you level up as long as the first alternate ability does not replace an ability granted at a previous level.

Certain Core Rulebook feats are not available to Pathfinder Society characters. These include Brew Potion, Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Rod, Craft Staff, Craft Wand, Craft Wondrous Item, Forge Ring, Leadership, and Scribe Scroll. Neither the craft feats nor the item creation section of the magic items chapter in the Core Rulebook are legal for play.

Before you level up a character for the first time, you may change any aspect of it. Changes may only be made between adventures and before playing as a character above 1st level. You are only able to retrain into a legal race.

Please note that players can (and are encouraged to) share or pool their resources in order to bring a dead party member back to life. PCs can also sell off gear, including the dead character’s gear, at 50% of its listed value to raise money to purchase a spell that will return their slain ally from the dead, though they can only do so in a settlement and they cannot sell off any items found during the current scenario that they haven’t purchased.

In Varisia, you may never buy items from, sell items to, or trade items with another player. You may, however, allow another player to borrow an item for the duration of a scenario. You are also permitted to spend your character’s gold to help a party member purchase spellcasting services such as raise dead or remove disease.

Spells that are 7th level or higher are not available from spellcasting services. (Exception to this rule is Resurrection.)

The following spells found in the Core Rulebook are not legal for play and may never be used, found, purchased, or learned in any form by PCs: awaken, permanency, and reincarnate.