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Welcome to the Varisia LC Wiki

The Wiki for Varisial Living Campaign. Many thanks to Courtney for making the original version of this wiki, and for founding VLC in the first place!

Special Thanks as well to:

Bella (Taco Bella)

Zerker (Alex)

ToberDam (Tober)

Ian (Mageking)

These individuals were there for the start and helped shape what VLC is. Thank you to everyone, but special thanks to these individuals.

Another special thanks to:

Gabriel F.

Masako Iris



These individuals have put a great deal of time and effort to keeping up and maintaining the wiki in its current state, we thank them for using their time to do such.

For a full list of Current GMs in VLC:

Here is our active list of who your wonderful GMs are. Take chance to read about us and get to know us a bit more.

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